Maggie - Agility Training

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Molly is doing really great; she is such a good girl! We haven't had any problems at all with her being in her crate, and she hardly ever has accidents. She does really well with other dogs and people. She is always so friendly, especially with kids. Anytime we are outside and she hears or sees a child she just stops and has to go see them! She is always more gentle and calm around them. She does pretty good with our cats two. One of them, Vinnie, still just does not like her! We think once she is older and calmer he will come around. Our other cat Copper likes her though. Molly tries to play with him but he is so lazy that he just plops on the floor next to her and she just steps on him. But usually he will let her lick his ears. I've attached a picture of the two of them. I also attached a picture of Jonathan when he was a little boy with one of his grandmother's collies that looks a lot like Molly!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Duchess is doing great and is just a huge part of our family! She LOVES taking walks on the beach. She sits, paw shake and will lie down...on command. She is very good around children and so friendly. She loves getting a bath and she a Jachin are just best buddies!! They play all the time together. One day I went to Jachin's door and he had Duchess in a sleeping bag and said they were having a camp out!!! LOL Duchess loves riding in the Hummer and is SO good when we travel. The staff at the vet’s office loves her. The Manager actually was commenting on how you just don't see collies anymore and they are so beautiful. I had to tell him all about Hickory Creeks Collies and where Duchess came from. The Staff had to show her off to everyone in the office! She was a big hit!