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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ladybug (Miley)

Kaiah (aka Pearl)

Hi Bill & Melissa

All I can say is that Kaiah is a bundle of joy and the most well adjusted puppy I have ever seen in my life. She greeted us at the airport like she had known us all of her life. We were so worried that she would be traumatized by the plane ride but that was not the case. She greeted us with kisses and a tail that never quit wagging. She had a very good night and was delighted this morning when we had snow on the ground. She loves the snow and all she wanted to do was play. She has done very well with her pottying and we sure thank you for the wonderful start that you gave her with this. She certainly knows her name and comes when she is called unless something majorly attracts her when we are out in the yard. She sure loves to play and I think this is the most exercise Sweetie has had in a long time. Kaiah has no fears and that is wonderful. So often puppies are fearful and yet nothing seems to bother her. She sure loves the bully sticks.....she found one of Sweetie's that was partially chewed and has spent hours chewing. I have been buying them from Best Bully Sticks since they are pure Brazilian beef and no waste.

Again, I wanted you to know how delighted we are with Kaiah. It is wonderful to have such a happy, joyous puppy and we couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. Also, I was very touched by the tote bag with Kaiah's picture.....that was such a surprise and really special.

With much appreciation.......Bev