Maggie - Agility Training

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Myrtle is doing really well, and sits, stays, comes, and lays down upon command. She has so far produced a lot of hair, and a beautiful mane. She is growing rapidly, and knows what she likes to eat, because we tried to give her chicken flavored, large breed pupy food. But she nearly refused to eat it, and showed her great dislike for it, for she didn't race for the food, but hung back and sniffed at it, at times, she wouldn't even finish it, so we switched her over to lamb and rice puppy food, now she enjoys her meals immensely, and will all but knock you over during mealtimes in her hast!! :) All in all she is doing fine, and enjoys playing fetch, and racing around the yard with the kids.

The Tran Family

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi Melissa,

I just wanted you to know that Olivia is doing great! She is such a good girl. She did great on the trip to VA and back. If my children are playing outside, she has to be right with them. Nadine's preschool teacher told me that she talks about Olivia a lot at school. Austin brought a picture of her in for show and tell to his kindergarten class. My husband recently dislocated his shoulder and Olivia has been right by his side!

We all love her so much and couldn't imagine life without her, as she is a part of our family!! Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog!! Keep up the good work.

Dorothy :-)