Maggie - Agility Training

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Molly is doing great. She's full of energy and a bit stubborn at the moment, but I think it's because she's like a 'teenager' right now. She is doing better and better on the leash. We recently got her a retractable leash and I think she really likes it. For certain parts of our walk I let her run around in a field by our house, and so for the rest of the walk when we are actually in a neighborhood, she does really well and doesn't pull. She is still such a sweet girl and she loves to lie on our little sofa with us at night while we watch TV. Most of the time she is so good and she never gets into things she's not supposed to. Yesterday morning I woke up and saw that she had removed over half the stuffing in the bed that's in her crate. I thought she had chewed through it, but she actually figured out how to not only unzip the cover, but also unzip the pillow inside!! Then she rearranged the stuffing inside her crate to make it more comfortable I guess! I'm going to send you some more pictures. By the way, in one of the pictures she's eating a "pup-cone" that we got from the 3 Dog Bakery, she loves going there. Just wanted to make sure you knew we weren't feeding her an actual ice cream cone, ha-ha.
Everything you did with her before we got her has helped so so much- especially the crate training. We still crate her at night and when we aren't home, and she seems to really like her crate. A lot of times when we are home, she chooses to go in there to sleep rather than other places around the house. And I'm pretty sure she hasn't had a single accident since I last talked to you. She barks quite persistently when she has to go out!!

Thanks for everything!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Leo (aka Jack)

Leo is doing great. We are constantly getting comments from people on how beautiful and well behaved he is. I can't thank you enough for all of the preliminary training that you did with him, but it definitely paid off. We go on several walks a day, and he does very well on a leash - although he stops in his tracks whenever he hears another dog barking. I think he is just scared, but it takes some coaxing to get him to keep going. As for the potty training, it has gone very well. He has had a couple of accidents in our garage, but nothing major, and both were probably my fault. He does great at staying in our yard, and he has a lot of fun playing with our 3 boys. He is great at fetching. I was amazed because the first day here, he would go get balls, bring them back and drop them consistently. Right now we are working on shaking hands and he is starting to get that as well. Once again, he is a wonderful dog and it has been a great first week. THANK YOU!!