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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Amber Rose (aka Rosalie)

Amber (Rosalie) is doing very well here in her new home. She is a very good girl and very well trained. Thank you for that! I took her to pick up my son at school and of course all the kids went crazy fo her. We took her to the back of the school field so she could run freely. She loved it - and something happened. There was a car coming in the parking lot and a small 5 year old child was just about to dart for the lot where the car was coming when Amber stopped him immediately circling around the boy and barking stopping the boy from going out into the street. All the moms were totally amazed!!!!!! I new right then she is special beyond what I ever imagined! Just sharing. Hope all is well!

God Bless,


Certainly, a job well done indeed!!! We do appreciate all you have done in training Amber, it makes the transition soo much easier too. She has been going potty outside since we got her and sleeping through the night. I hardly feel that she's a puppy at all she is so well behaved and just a delight to have. But, you do need to know you make a difference in people's lives.
Thank you again,