Maggie - Agility Training

Friday, December 4, 2009


Oliver and his father Chief before departing

Oliver happily resides with Sandra and Burkhard Theiss in Huttenberg-Volpertshausen, Germany.
More pictures of Oliver are available on their website:

Oliver arrives in Germany safely!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Scott Eyre (Phllies Pitcher) and family.

Maggie and Murphy on their way back from breakfast.
Hi Melissa,
Maggie has adjusted very well to life at our house, she enjoys playing with our other dogs and loves being outside! She is still making daily efforts to try and find a cat to play with her, but so far she is rejected everytime. She is feeling much more comfortable around our horses. I can take her out to the barn and she stays right in the barn area while I'm cleaning stalls or tacking up my horse. We take her out for breakfast on Sundays and a few other places that are dog friendly. We have received many compliments that she is such a well behaved puppy. She eats very well and has only had a few accidents since we got her and we really appreciate the crate training she received from you. I love not having to get up during the night to let her out. She will sit and lay down on command and has gotten much better about coming when we call her. She is a wonderful dog and we are so glad to have her!


Zeke (aka Mayor)