Maggie - Agility Training

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marley (aka Shirley)


She is a wonderful dog. Getting quite big now and yes she has not had any accidents and is sleeping without a crate as well. We are very pleased with Myrtle and yes that is still her name. The vet told us she is very healthy. We switched her dog food to a large puppy food as the vet says she needs to not grow too fast as she was on a high nutrition puppy food that was not specifically for the large breeds. She is doing alright on it but does not like the taste as well.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Allie (aka Allison)

2/3/09 "This is Allie a few weeks ago. She is a real sweetheart--even though she finds herself in mischief every once in a while. She will sit and shake hands and loves to go for rides in the car. Until recently the weather was not all that great and she didn't enjoy being cooped up in the house. Sunshine and exercise outside have made her a happy girl."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laddie (aka Palmer)


Hannah loves to play with the girls outside! She is the perfect play friend.
First time I took Hannah on a run with me in the snow! She is the perfect running partner! She stays right by my side the whole run :)

Where you go I will follow...


I just love how gentle Hannah is with our children! There is a special sweet nature about her! She loves our girls and our girls love her!!!


Hannah is an amazing part of our crazy family! We thank you so much Melissa for allowing us to bring Hannah into our home!

Hattie (aka Michelle)

Hattie is doing great. We love her so much. She is a very good dog. She loves Chloe, our yorkie. It is so funny to watch them wrestle and play. My son in law works for us and brings his border collie, Mandy here every day, and Hattie loves Mandy too. She is healthy and beautiful and very much a part of our family. She has been great with my grand daughter who is 14 months old. They have grown up together. She is gentle and likes to herd her away from the road. You bred a fabulous dog and we are grateful. I have enclosed a couple of pictures. Good to hear from you.
Kathie and family