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Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Emmett

Good morning!

I just wanted you to know he is doing fine! I am sure your kids are wondering and I wanted quell any anxiety.

Yesterday was a day of exploration, naps, eating and meeting other pets and people. Everyone has excepted him, except our house cat who is being extra cautious around him. But he is a sweet cat--he did sniff the new puppy while he was sleeping and retreated. So I have no worried there. There is no aggression, just fear. And that is fine.

He was quiet through most of the night and today has had his breakfast, played, ran and is now napping.

Thank you so much! He is a most marvelous and sweet dog and you are remarkable people and breeders!

I will send pictures later in the week.

Diane and Matt

We are doing well. The cat is slowly accepting his presence. He has an outdoor cat who does get close to him. Our indoor cat is always a little careful.

I do need your help. He is nipping our poor old Honey to death. I know he wants to play but he is playing rough. I never had the chance to meet his parents--so I was wondering if you had any suggestions on keeping him from going after her every night. I've tried letting it go, stepping in, diverting his attention. They get along on walks and naps and the rest of the day--but she isn't a barker or a player--so he is just mauling her.

I certainly want to do the right thing for both of them as they are in the house together--I know if I respond in a better more consistent way it will help.

He is walking on a leash and knows sit, and come! He has already stopped nipping at me. Very smart dog.

Here is a picture of them sleeping together.


So this morning, little Emmett started right away with the pestering of Honey. I took them into the sun room and stepped through the glass door to see what would happen. It stopped. So I came back out and petted Honey, and it started!

After that I attached the leash and gave gentle corrections while I petted Honey. If Emmett stayed still I petted him.

I guess the problem was me after all!

Thanks for your help. I'll keep up trying to think like two smart dogs!


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